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RDF Projects

W3C logo Semantic WebA simple collection of all my Semantic Web and RDF related projects. It offers ontologies which I developed, datasets which I collected or converted to RDF and software.
The site went online in September 2009.



Screenshot of the Parroters homepageMy final year project at uni, the full title is“Parroters” - Prototype of a Multi-lingual Pronunciation Community and Linked Data Platform, was about developing a Web platform on which visitors can learn the pronunciation of words and can contribute their own pronunciations in the form of audio files and data. So it's a bit user-generated content, a bit Wikipedia-like. Inspired by my interest in open data and the Semantic Web the platform publishes all content and data under free licences and in RDF, following the Linked Data principles.
The platform was written based on the Restlet Web framework and the Sesame RDF framework which both had to be extended so that they could be combined.

The project has not yet been published online.

Threshold Release Collection

Screenshot of the Threshold Release CollectionA little private project: this is going to be the reference discography of the British band Threshold. The data which is retrieved with PHP from an SQL database is mostly from my own collection. Having made lots of experiences and developed my own ideas while taking part in the music community MusicBrainz, I could come up with a solid schema for the database which may also be used for a music collection for multiple artists. Of course it's not as complex as the schema of the MusicBrainz database and not efficient enough for their needs.
The Web site went online for the first time in the beginning of 2007 and is since then getting updated by myself continuously.


Luna Yoga for Women

Screenshot of the Web site lunayoga-koeln.deLuna Yoga consists of a combination of relaxation, respiration, Hatha Yoga and rhythmic excercises taken from miscellaneous cultural fields. The primary target of the Web site of Luna Yoga trainer Mathilde Dobis in Cologne is to represent the philosophy behind this method by transmitting warmth and beeing perceived as relaxing. To achieve this I used warm colours, space and balance in design.
The Web site went online for the first time in the end of 2006 and is still being maintained by myself.

Address: (German)

Screenshot of the Web site noseworkers.deHere everything's about the dog's sense of smell and specific training of it.
I designed the site in 2005 and am still looking after it. Important for implementation was to include the given logo, compliance with the choice of colours and putting pictures in to make it look more friendly. Under the hood it was more of a playground for me, I could train my CSS and HTML skills a little more.

Address: (German)

Schumacher, Solicitor

Screenshot of the Web site raschumacher.deBack in 2003 a joint solicitor's office was to be split up and therefore a new one had to be established for Mr Schumacher. Beneath assistance with the technical infrastructure a new Web site was needed.
Here I completely went the staid way - the only dash of colour for the corporate design was set by the logo (which was very decent anyway). Content and structure of the site were strongly orientated at the old site but packed into a more modern layout.

Address: (German)

Town Library Erkrath

Screenshot of the Web site of the town libraries of ErkrathMy first project which was a little more ambitious was the re-design of the Web site for the two town libraries in Erkrath in 2002. The only demand was the logo. My aim: to turn a playful homepage with lots of animated GIFs and stuff like that into a respectable Web appearance without letting it seem too boring. Unfortunately not everyone appeared to like it.
The Web site isn't maintained by me anymore but by library employees. It has also been replaced by another Web site.

Address: (German)

District Association Cologne

Screenshot of the Web site of the district association CologneIn 2000 the district association Cologne of the German Association for Welding and Related Procedures (DVS) needed a Web site. To produce a site with specific design demands like an animated logo and an ugly background picture isn't really the most pleasant thing to do (as that and other things is what the DVS demanded for the pages being put on their server), but I think I made something nice out of it and the page stands out among the other district associations. To my own shame I didn't apply Web standards extensively then - receiving everything in Word documents didn't make it easier really. ;-)
I'm updating the content of the page annually to bi-annually.

Address: (German)

Georg Simon Ohm School Cologne

Screenshot of the Web site of the Georg Simon Ohm School CologneI believe it was the second re-design of the Web site of the media school for which a romantic darkred/grey look had to vanish. In 1999 frames weren't ill-reputed yet and seemed most practicable for the navigation in a complex site structure to me. Not beeing a graphic designer I added a pixelated border graphic, developed the typical colour combination and scripted about a bit with PHP.
The page isn't under my care anymore for a long time already, in the meantime (January 2007) it was switched to a new design and the CMS Joomla! (by the Web site working group which emerged during a "project week" at the school). The old layout can be seen in the Web Archive still, for instance.

Address: (German)